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Commercial/Business Loans

Commercial/Business LoansComparing to equity financing, business loans are a less expensive source for capital growth and do not provide an ownership stake. State Bank of Marietta is here to offer you resources for equipment and inventory acquisitions, business development, and daily activities of your company.

If your business plan implies investment, we are here to offer you funds. Companies with many years on the market, $1 million annual revenue, and collateral to secure the loan, are likely to be approved and get financing. The credit score of the founder will play an important role for us to take the decision.

At SBM we are aware of the difficulties of SMEs to get a debt from a bank. Due to the specifics of small companies, one may not qualify under the standard criteria. Therefore, our specialists are here to analyze your company`s credit worthiness basing on many other metrics, such a cash flow, annual revenue, or liquidity.

We are ready to offer different solutions for each company. The State Bank of Marietta has the goal to support the development of the business sector via transparent and easy funding! Contact us or visit one of our stores for details.


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